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People Care about Coffee Services. A LOT.
And So Do We.

Who among us doesn’t need a little caffeine kick to jump-start our morning and sustain us throughout the day at the office? In fact, most coffee is consumed at work (that first cup is still brewed at home) and because people want more choices and higher quality, most coffee drinkers go offsite to get it. Bring a happy buzz to your people while increasing productivity by offering amazing, high-quality coffee that they’ll love. InReach has a fantastic collection of office coffee services that cover just about every need, from commercial coffee dispensers to coffee bar equipment. 

Fuel your people’s creativity and productivity with the right coffee services. 

According to our recent Post-COVID Hot Beverages Consumer Behaviors Study, 76% of consumers surveyed stated that coffee is “essential to doing what I do best every day.” Caffeine fiends will tell you: it simultaneously offers an energy boost, a treat and an escape, all in one cup, with respondents saying that coffee is an important part of an individual’s performance, productivity and emotional well-being. And a majority of us like to get our java jolt outside of our homes: 80% of all coffee is consumed at work, by people who want quick access to a cup of high-quality coffee.

Insights Report

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How do you craft a coffee experience that's both convenient and indispensable to your people? We share some ideas in our new "Perfect Blend: Coffee Insights for the Workplace" report.

The coffee shop experience

Sometimes people need to take a break and feel like they’re escaping to another place. And there’s nothing like hashing out an idea with a colleague over a cappuccino. We can create those experiences right in your space.

How do you offer office coffee service that’s both convenient and indispensable to your people? Here are some pointers:

  • Start with quality products that will make people excited to get out of the house in the morning and keep them buzzed all day as they connect with others.
  • Make it easy to get to by offering it in the convenience of their workplace so they don’t have to go far.
  • Design your break room to be the vital and inviting hub for your team’s performance and productivity by providing the products they want in an inviting space that brings people together.
  • Pair your coffee services with a robust selection of the latest and greatest office pantry— which has the potential to increase productivity and keep them engaged. 

Not your everyday joe

Caffeine aficionados crave that coffee shop experience during the workday. It gives them a much-needed break away from their desks or cubicles. And there’s nothing like hashing out an idea with a colleague over a cappuccino. We can, in fact, create those experiences right in your space, giving your people an offsite experience without leaving the building. With skilled baristas preparing craft and premium roasts, we take coffee services to the next level, so your people can enjoy a brief escape to another place and get those creative juices flowing. 

We’re not your everyday joe, either: We’ve got the best roasts, including national and local favorites, ready for use in our coffee bard equipment and traditional brewers and urns, in ground, whole bean and single-serve pods. In addition to drip, we handcraft lattes, cappuccinos, espressos, cold brew, hot tea and so much more. 

Lots of choices

We have exactly what your coffee-loving people want – and non-coffee folks too. A great coffee to jumpstart the day, or a soothing tea to relax. A boost of energy to keep them pumped until closing time. Fresh brew, cold brew, energy drinks, bean to cup, pods... we have it all!

  • All kinds of dark, medium and light roasts
  • Ready for use in traditional brewers and urns 
  • Ground, whole bean and single-serve pods
  • Pour-over options
  • Kombucha
  • Beverages to help performance
  • Organic hot teas 
  • Traditional pyramid sachets and loose teas

Do the right thing

Where does the array of choices come from? You’ll feel good to know that we purchase coffee from responsible sources in order to protect the environment and ensure the well-being of every farmer and worker. Every Fair Trade-certified coffee is sustainably grown and harvested. Our commitment to the planet runs deep: We also offer plant-based utensils, compostable pods and eco-friendly cups. 

Arial view of a employees working on laptops with coffeesCoffee services for today’s world

Your coffee is going to be soooooo popular and everyone’s going to want a cup. But don’t worry - we’ve designed our spaces for safety.

  • Contactless ordering
  • Touchless equipment
  • Single use products
  • Contactless payment
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Get the coffee buzz

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