Fuel Up Fast With Frictionless Food

March 30, 2023 · Read Time: 1 Min

Your workplace is changing, but one thing isn't: Your people expect their morning coffee, lunch break and afternoon snacks to be tasty, fresh and convenient.

Now is the time to take a closer look at what fuels your employees and ensure your food experience is meeting expectations.

If you’ve spent half of your lunch break waiting in line to pay for your meal, you’ll understand why a quarter of consumers are dissatisfied with how long it takes to check out in on-site retail. So how can you streamline purchasing while ensuring quality doesn’t suffer?

We can show you how. With our micro markets, office coffee service, vending machine service, snack boxes and more, we have the technology in place to help your employees get what they want, faster than ever. In fact, 84% of consumers we surveyed said they’d regularly use micro markets if they were available.

When they’re looking for a quick pick-me-up at work, their payment method is the last thing on their minds. We make it seamless with contactless payment and easy online ordering. Pick up a freshly made sandwich or healthy granola bar at a micro market, and you get the option of checking out at a kiosk, on your phone or through contactless scanning.

For those last-minute convenience foods, InReach’s vending solutions go above and beyond. 41% of shoppers will change their minds about a purchase if there’s a long checkout line. So, get what you need with a swipe of your card or on your phone, whether it’s a bag of chips, trail mix or a cold drink, even a fresh sandwich or salad.

Best of all, our micro markets and vending machine service are available right where and when you need them, no matter how many employees you have on-site that day. We know what the most popular products and flavors are, and we make sure plenty are available for you. That’s InReach.

Learn more about frictionless experience in our report. Together, we can keep your employees satisfied in the workplace and coming back for more.

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