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December 17, 2022 · Read Time: 1 Min

People crave quality and variety in their coffee.

From piping hot to icy cold, variety and choice are key to what you offer – and let’s not forget your non-coffee drinkers, who prefer soothing teas or energy drinks instead. Transform your office coffee service into their go-to spot for an anytime-of-day pick-me-up.

No matter its form, coffee performs one clear function: It’s the magic brew that gets us out of bed in the morning and powers us throughout our day.

61% of consumers in a corporate setting purchase beverages in the break room, with 66% saying that coffee helps them stay connected with others.

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No doubt about it, most of us are fueled by caffeine. 76% of consumers surveyed stated that office coffee is “essential to doing what I do best every day,” according to our recent Post-COVID Hot Beverages Consumer Behaviors Study. And a majority of us like to get our java jolt outside of our homes: 80% of all coffee is consumed at work, by people who want quick access to a cup of high-quality coffee.

According to the study, coffee is an important part of an individuals’ performance, productivity and emotional well-being. Caffeine fiends will tell you, it simultaneously offers an energy boost, a treat and an escape, all in one cup.

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Want to offer a coffee experience that’s convenient and indispensable?

Create a high-quality beverage program that energizes people throughout the day and encourages social interaction.

Enhance team engagement and productivity by combining a well-curated beverage selection with a variety of enticing snacks in a welcoming break room space.