Elevate Productivity with Quality Workplace Coffee Breaks

November 13, 2023 · Read Time: 1 Min

Coffee breaks are more than just a caffeine fix — they can jump-start productivity and performance in the workplace. But when you’re competing with the coffeehouse down the street or even the perfect at-home cup, why offer office coffee service? Because your workplace could become the go-to coffee spot for your people! Here’s how that convenient cup of joe can work wonders for your teams.

Coffee Breaks Lead to Higher Performance and Loyalty
When you offer coffee breaks at work, employees feel appreciated and valued. When employees know their workplace cares, they’re motivated to reach new heights in performance. To truly cater to their desires, offer a diverse range of quality coffee choices. From rich espressos to creamy lattes and soothing herbal teas, ensure your workplace serves up a variety of options that suit everyone’s taste buds.

Efficient, Convenient Coffee Breaks Create Time for Productivity
Imagine your people having more time to be productive, creative and efficient — all thanks to a well-deserved coffee break. If you offer gathering places where colleagues can sip and chat, you’re creating an environment conducive to idea exchange and collaboration. Coffee breaks bring people together, sparking creativity and igniting innovation.

Smooth Transitions for Flexible Workers
Let’s make the return to the workplace a delightful experience. Your people don’t have to leave home early just to get their coffee, spending time waiting in a coffee shop’s drive-thru. A premium cup of coffee or a luscious latte can be the bridge that turns a dull morning commute into an anticipated journey back to work.

With InReach, great coffee breaks can be that much-appreciated perk for coming back to the office. A little extra motivation never hurt anyone!

Make the Most of Your Coffee Break
So, how can you elevate those valuable coffee breaks? Consider offering a variety of quality coffee choices and pair them with healthy, satisfying snacks to keep your team nourished and energized. Create inviting areas where employees can connect, collaborate and share ideas.

Plus, we know that everyone has the same 15-minute break in some workplaces. Your people don’t have to spend it waiting in line! InReach can provide coffee for hundreds at the same time so they can get back to work energized and satisfied.

When your coffee breaks are this great, your people don’t need to stop what they’re doing to run out for a cup. With a great InReach-powered office coffee service at your workplace, you’ll see a boost in productivity and satisfied people.