Workplace Water: Beyond the Tap

August 15, 2023 · Read Time: 1 Min

Water is a necessity, but great water is a workplace perk.

Staying hydrated benefits your people’s well-being and performance. And your people want more than just tap water – they’re seeking new flavors and benefits all the time. We’ve pulled together our insights into workplace water trends and ways you can keep your people satisfied with office water dispensers and more.

About Our Workplace Water Report

At InReach, we believe in going beyond the basics. Our report highlights the most sought-after flavors and the benefits of water in the workplace. Uncover the latest trends, preferences, and innovative solutions in our report, “Beyond the Tap: Workplace Water Insights.”

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Double Down on Convenience

Workers report they would double their daily water intake at work if they had instant access to free, cold, filtered water.

44% of workers say free, instant access to water will improve their opinion about their company.