Convenient Food for Your Manufacturing Employees

July 19, 2023 · Read Time: 1 Min

Convenient Food for Your Manufacturing Employees

Long hours and hard work are the name of the game for employees in manufacturing. Workers need affordable, convenient food and drinks near their workstations, not halfway across the plant. They can’t do their jobs if they’re waiting around for food, but with InReach, your employees can get the energy they need and maintain their productivity.

We go above and beyond to deliver exceptional food and beverage services that exceed expectations, from micro markets to office pantry services, coffee services and vending services. We put convenient food where your people need it, and make it available 24/7 for those early and late shifts.

Whether you have a small space or ample square footage in your manufacturing facility, we’ll maximize your space and design a welcoming spot for employees. We create scalable, flexible spaces where people can connect and grab a quick bite without wasting precious time or interrupting their workflow.

With our healthy snacks, we fuel brain power, not drain it. For those looking to indulge in a treat to make their day just a little bit sweeter, we have those, too. And don’t worry about running out of your most popular snacks and drinks. We plan ahead to stock the items your people want most. From the latest snacks on the market to local favorites, we are always on the lookout for the new and next.

We understand the challenges faced by the manufacturing industry, especially when it comes to talent retention. By providing convenient workplace food and coffee options, InReach makes it easy for you to show your employees that you care about their time and well-being. If subsidized meals or an on-site kitchen aren’t feasible options, consider offering credits that employees can use to enjoy satisfying meals and drinks. Investing in a micro market or customized vending machines shows that you value their time and well-being.

Create a workplace where convenience and employee satisfaction go hand in hand. It’s all InReach.

It's All InReach

We know one size never fits all — flexibility begins and ends with customization. We're ready to partner with you to create the perfect customized experience for you, and your people's, needs.