Food Perks for Your Return to Work

Let’s talk about the heart of any thriving workplace — your food culture. If you’ve got people working remotely all or some of the time, or if you’re exploring what’s best for your workforce, managing your food and drink experience can feel like a juggling act. But don’t worry, we have the perfect ingredients to make the return to work a tasty success.

Our cost-effective convenience solutions are designed to have a flexible footprint to cultivate a vibrant culture around food and drinks, wherever your people work. From coffee and water services to micro markets to smart vending available 24/7, we’ve got the tools to transform your workplace into a destination for convenient food and drinks. Because everyone knows — good food equals good vibes! Let’s take a look at the possibilities:

  • Micro market: It’s more than just a place for grab-and-go grub. Micro markets bring your people healthy, satisfying made-to-order meals, plus convenient snacks, handcrafted drinks and more, any time of day.
  • Office vending machine services: Go beyond your people’s expectations with game-changing vending from InReach. It’s available 24/7 and stocked with an expanded selection of fresh food and drinks your people will love, plus their tried-and-true favorites.
  • Office pantry: More than a third of hybrid employees say they choose to go to the workplace so they can socialize and connect with their coworkers, according to a YouGov and Sodexo survey on work experience. Give your people a comfortable place to chat and enjoy delicious snacks and drinks with pantry services from InReach.
  • Office coffee service: Get a coffee shop experience right on-site with InReach. We offer a range of roasts and everything from touchless coffee machines to skilled baristas crafting the perfect latte.
  • Office water services: Don’t overlook something as simple as keeping your people hydrated! We give you choices: chilled, sparkling, flavored or hot water, all from a convenient dispenser. Plus, we make tap water taste crisp and fresh — no more relying on plastic water bottles.

Our solutions are designed to make your workplace food experience smoother than a perfectly brewed cup of coffee. No more long lines or stressful lunchtime rushes, just a streamlined experience so your people get what they need to focus on what they do best.

Bringing people back to the workplace can be a logistical challenge, but we’re here to take some friction out of the equation. Whether they’re on-site, working from home or a little of both, InReach has the convenience services that fit your people and your footprint.

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