Smart Vending Machines

January 11, 2024 · Read Time: 1 Min

Get Smart: Vending Machines Meet the Power of AI

The vending machine, that hallmark of grab-and-go convenience, has a new look for these modern times. Meet the smart vending machine, a modern cabinet of wonders that holds behind its futuristic doors the latest and greatest snacks, fresh offerings such as sandwiches and parfaits, and premium energy-boosting drinks that people crave. Smart vending machines can even dispense non-food items such as phone chargers, all in a secure system that’s accessible 24/7. Simply swipe a credit or debit card or use a digital wallet to open the door, make your selections and be on your way to snacking.

Smart vending is a secure 24/7 solution that offers convenience in any setting. Ideal locations include public-facing spaces such as healthcare facilities, universities, corporate settings, remote worksites and places considered food deserts, where consumers don’t have access to fresh meals.

Thinking Outside the Snack Box

Smart vending excels in versatility. In addition to food vending, it can be programmed to vend anything from PPE in healthcare settings to phone chargers and various sundries in universities. It’s a secure convenience solution that works seamlessly with various methods of payments, including credit and debit cards, Apple Pay and Google Wallet. When a customer opens the door, chooses their items and closes the door, a QR code will be generated. When they scan this code, a digital receipt pops up for their records.

Got Questions? AI-Driven Tech Has the Answers

One of smart vending’s most tech technology-savvy functions is the ability to answer questions such as “What’s new?” “What’s low-calorie?” “What’s vegetarian?”

The AI-powered smart vending machine answers by darkening the interior and lighting up only the selections that meet those parameters. It’s yet another way to maximize your people’s time and give them exactly what they need at that moment.

In these times when health and safety are top of mind, one of smart vending’s most unique features is its self-sanitizing function. After every door closure at the end of each transaction, the interior UVC light comes on, disinfecting touch points and eliminating any pathogens on the packaging, reassuring customers of the safety of their purchases.

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