Published on : 4/27/22
Reading time : 3 min
  • People need fuel. We need food to help us focus. We want snacks that inspire us to come up with the next big idea, whenever that may be.

    micro marketOur schools and workplaces can’t always plan for when our hunger will strike — but they can plan for flexibility with micro markets and micro cafés that offer guests the best in tech and food for the best experience.

    The perfect setting for food flexibility comes in a small but mighty footprint. Micro markets are a fresh twist on convenience stores: They are stocked with healthy and satisfying grab-and-go choices and the latest and greatest in snacks and drinks. And they are set up with all the new technology for the digital world where we live, learn, and play, like contactless payments and automated systems that keep transactions moving effortlessly. Simplicity is at the heart of the micro market, offering an in-and-out solution for busy people, most who want products that are good and save time and effort.

    People want fast, easy and delicious options, and micro markets deliver that and then some. We don’t have to settle for sad sandwiches and lame snack leftovers. According to research conducted by Sodexo in partnership with Harris Interactive, 53% of those who dine out for lunch say their top priority is finding tasty food that makes them feel good.

    What about people who want their food to be savory and locally focused? Micro cafés are built to showcase regional and local favorites while keeping an eye on making sure the phone always eats first. These on-the-go meals — from hot breakfast and handcrafted sandwiches to salads tossed to order — are custom-crafted with care. With an eye toward nourishing and recharging, people can power through whatever the rest of their day holds.

    Workplaces are dynamic spaces, and the evolution of convenience options delivers what consumers want today: a focus on speed and a thoughtful approach to quality food preparation, with a keen focus on the guest experience and ease!

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