Frictionless Campus Food Experiences

April 5, 2023 · Read Time: 1 Min

As life on campus continues to evolve, there's one thing that remains constant: we all crave delicious, convenient and fresh food to keep us going throughout the day.

Whether it’s a morning caffeine boost, satisfying lunch and dinner, or late-night study break, InReach helps make sure your food experience is meeting student and faculty expectations.

Rushing to your next class leaves little time for waiting in line to pay for your food. And while a quarter of consumers are dissatisfied with how long it takes to check out in on-site retail, your technologically advanced campus consumers are probably even more dissatisfied with it. So how can you streamline purchasing while ensuring quality doesn’t suffer?

We can show you how. With our micro markets, vending and more, we have the technology in place to help students, faculty and staff get what they want, faster than ever.

When they’re looking for a quick pick-me-up between classes, their payment method is the last thing on their minds. We make it seamless with contactless payment and easy online ordering. Plus, students can use their campus meal cards with InReach solutions, so it’s easy to grab and go. Pick up a healthy, freshly-made sandwich or brain fuel like trail mix at a micro market, then check out at a kiosk, on your phone or through contactless scanning.

For those last-minute convenience foods, InReach’s vending solutions go above and beyond. Get what you need with a swipe of your card or on your phone, whether it’s a bag of chips, trail mix, a fresh salad or a cold drink.

Best of all, our micro market, office coffee service and vending machine service are available where and when people want them, especially important when your campus has early birds AND night owls. We know what the most popular products and flavors are in your area, and we make sure plenty are available for you. That’s InReach.

Learn more about our frictionless experience in our report. Together, we can make your campus food experience satisfying and convenient.

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