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A lot has changed about campus life, but what hasn’t changed is the need for healthy, tasty, convenient food and drink available 24/7. With InReach, you get exceptional around-the-clock food experiences that fuel your faculty and students’ maximum performance and attract more students to your campus.

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Late nights and early mornings are par for the course in campus life. Give your students access to fresh, healthy salads, hand-crafted sandwiches, delicious snacks, and fresh coffee drinks in a comfortable and inviting space 24/7. Whether a space where students can study and linger or a grab-n-go option that keeps them on the move, we can create spaces with healthy food and drink choices with smaller footprints than full-size cafés or cafeterias.

Hydration InReach

Our unique hydration programs give students a healthy alternative to sugary, carbonated drinks. It helps increase how much water they drink, which can improve their focus and increase their energy. Chilled still, sparkling, and instant hot water from a single tap is always available when hydration matters most.

Wellness InReach

Student diets are notoriously unhealthy. When grabbing a snack on the go or noshing between study sessions, students rarely think about what’s in the food they eat. But we know that if delicious, healthy food is easy for students to find, they’ll go for it. That’s how we put wellness InReach for your students and faculty.

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