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Published on : 6/9/22
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  • People crave quality and variety in their coffee.

    No doubt about it, most of us are fueled by caffeine. 76% of consumers surveyed stated that coffee is “essential to doing what I do best every day,” according to our recent Post-COVID Hot Beverages Consumer Behaviors Study. And a majority of us like to get our java jolt outside of our homes: 80% of all coffee is consumed at work, by people who want quick access to a cup of high-quality coffee. 

    According to the study, coffee is an important part of an individuals’ performance, productivity and emotional well-being. Caffeine fiends will tell you, it simultaneously offers an energy boost, a treat and an escape, all in one cup.

    So, how do you offer a coffee experience that’s both convenient and indispensable to your people?

    1. Start with quality products that will make them excited to get out of the house in the morning and keep them buzzed all day as they connect with others.  

    2. Make it easy to get to, by offering it in the convenience of their workplace so they don’t have to go far.  

    3. Design your break room to be the vital and inviting hub for your team’s performance and productivity, by providing the products they want in an inviting space that brings people together. 

    4. Pair your beverage program with a robust selection of the latest and greatest snacks — which has the potential to increase productivity and keep them engaged.

    61% of consumers in a corporate setting purchase beverages in the break room, with 66% saying that coffee helps them stay connected with others. Download our report for more insights.

    From piping hot to icy cold, variety and choice are key to what you offer – And let’s not forget your non-coffee drinkers, who prefer soothing teas or energy drinks instead. Transform your workplace into their go-to spot for an anytime-of-day pick-me-up.   

    No matter its form, coffee performs one clear function: It’s the magic brew that gets us out of bed in the morning and powers us throughout our day.

    Give the people what they want in its many iterations, served hot or cold, and always in reach. 

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