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Everything you need at the push of a button.

Snacks, drinks and food right away, anytime, anywhere, taking your experience to a completely unexpected level.

Vending Just Got Smarter

For us, vending is more than packaged snacks and canned drinks. Our vending machines feature fresh sandwiches, salads, snacks, cool beverages ... you name it, we got it, all in a secure retail display! Just swipe a payment card to open the door. The machine knows what you’ve chosen and charges your card when the door closes.

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Always there, always fast, and no waiting

Easy access to important things: fresh food, coffee, cold drinks, snacks, PPE, pharmaceuticals, phone chargers and a lot more, at any time of the day. And let’s not forget about our smart vending machines, with cool technology that makes it so easy to get what you need fast.

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Clean machines

We’ve got amazing new technology that automatically cleans high-touch surfaces. Equipment is safer with UVC lighting technology that kills 99.9% of harmful viruses and bacteria. 

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Wellness InReach

With Wellness InReach vending solutions, there’s no need to sacrifice on flavor, freshness or health. Healthy items meet predefined nutritional criteria and are clearly marked. You’ll always know you’ve made a good choice - because everything is the right choice.

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What people love

We know what the most popular products are, and make sure plenty are available. But we also know that people want to try new things, so we also introduce the latest trends.

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Super tech

Wow, vending has changed a lot! These days, machines accept cards, mobile wallets and contactless payment. On the Spot vending machines even use artificial intelligence to light up the healthy products and answer your questions.