Food Box

Food Box

Think inside the box

Keep your people excited, engaged, and connected by delivering tasty snacks right to their homes or office with our snack box delivery services. Put together by snack lovers for snack lovers, office Snack Boxes are a fun and tasty way to let everyone know you care about them.

Send the best care package

There’s nothing like a gift, especially a Snack Box, to make someone know that they’re thought about. Valued. Appreciated.


Want to send a snack box to one person?

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InReach Snack Boxes

Tasty crunchin’ & munchin’

We know what snacks people love, and we make sure they’re in every Snack Box. Plus, lots of healthy, local and unique items to give your people a boost.

Snack Box

So many reasons

Your team, event attendees, clients, and even friends and family will love getting a Snack Box. It’s a great way to mark a milestone, say thank you, get well soon, celebrate a holiday… the list is endless.

Office Snacks

Ordering is easy!

Sending boxes to more than one person?


The InReach team will work with you directly to get goodies to everyone. If you want, you can even include a custom message.

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