InReach Pantry


Everybody needs a break

When people only have a few minutes, you can give them exactly what they need. It’s fast AND fantastic! They’ll love being able to get fabulous food and drinks without having to make an extra stop or leave the building.

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Office Snack Services

Keep your people onsite, productive and stress-free by offering them fantastic food and beverages in a pantry customized for you.

A simple way to help people save time and reduce stress, by eliminating the need to go offsite for a pick-me-up. It’s always well-stocked with lots of choices, some surprises and a bunch of good-for-you snacks

Bag with vegetables

Your personal shopper

There’s so much choice, and so much variety. We’ll poll your team to learn their favorites snacks and drinks and keep everything fresh and exciting by mixing in the latest trends and products that are local, healthy, or for holiday and heritage celebrations. We do this for drinks too, with cold brew, kombucha and Vivreau water on tap, hot tea, juices, and functional beverages.

Snack vendors for companies

We do it your way

One size or budget doesn’t fit all, and we’ll work with you to create the perfect fit.

office Snack services

Foster collaboration

It’s amazing what can happen when people gather over a cup of coffee or a great snack.

We design spaces that spur your team’s creativity, productivity and interaction. It’s just what’s needed in a great place to work. Plus, we’ll work within your budget to make it happen.


Stocked with technology

Your team depends on a well-stocked pantry with variety, surprises and good-for-you snacks. Our technology helps us keep them happy and fosters your trust, through online ordering, budget management, spending dashboards, key metrics and stats and back-end inventory management. It makes things run like clockwork.