Micro Market picture

Micro Market picture

Micro markets make big waves in the workplace

In our fast-paced world, who doesn’t love the convenience of 24/7 one-stop shopping? That’s why InReach has perfected the micro market space. Our micro markets are inviting places with convenient and easy access to fresh food, made-to-order meals, coffee, hot and cold beverages, snacks and more. This is a place your people will love because it has everything — a mix of favorites and the latest trends, in a space where food, people and technology all converge. A micro market can help people power through their day with meals, food and snacks that keep them going and make them happy. 

Flexible, agile, scalable

Our micro markets are flexible, agile and scalable for your space, custom-tailored to your needs. What you may need are multiple retail choices instead of just one big cafe. We work with you to understand your people, their food dreams and demographics. And we learn about your space, KPIs and a lot more. Whether you’re in an office, hospital, university, manufacturing or distribution center, it’s designed just for you. The result is a micro market that’s perfect for your people. 

Favorite Snacks

Everything but the kitchen sink

Variety is the spice of life, and it’s the engine that powers our markets. We offer healthy dishes that support physical and mental performance, and others that just plain bring joy. (Who couldn’t use a treat every now and then?) That being said, wellness is at the forefront of what we do: Better-for-you snacks and drinks are built in and easy to find. We make sure every bite is absolutely incredible, with craveable food that people want to enjoy again and again. Our products are 100% guest-centric, so your people will find what they love every visit, with selections that give them energy throughout their day. From handcrafted sandwiches to fresh-tossed salads to artisanal beverages, it’s fresh food that’s guaranteed to be delicious. 

Healthy Meal

Wellness InReach

Studies show that food is a unifying force in the workplace, fostering collaboration and connection. In fact, our micro markets are not only designed to bring people together with excellent food selections, but it’s also a place for them to relax, recharge and reboot with their colleagues. This space for connectivity is a great way to boost morale and increase productivity, one that appeals to a tech-savvy workforce looking for a better work-life experience. 

Micro Markets

Quick & easy checkout

Convenience is still the name of the game, and to that end, our micro markets are designed with smart stocking tools for seamless back-of-house management and quick and easy checkout for front of house. It’s a fast and efficient transaction for your always-on-the-go employees, whether it’s through their phone, a kiosk or contactless scanning. We even have autonomous stores that feature “walk out” technology that knows what you’ve selected so you can just grab what you need and walk off. Now that’s taking convenience to the next level.  

Attention to detail

Attention to detail

Our micro markets can really do it all. We incorporate technology, optimize your space reduce your cost, act sustainably, and help you attract talent, so people feel engaged, motivated and production. It’s quite simply the next evolution of the modern workplace. 

It’s a major opportunity

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