Micro Cafe Picture

Micro Cafe Picture

Fresh ideas and fresh food, made just for you.

Everything you love – the 24/7 convenience of a micro market, plus an office café’s personalized service, in a scalable space. Micro cafés give you so much to choose from - hand-crafted sandwiches, hot breakfast, barista specialty coffee, salads tossed to order, bowls and a lot more, with rotational and seasonal menus, as well as a mix of trending, premium, and favorite dishes.

InReach micro cafe

Space saver

You can offer fresh food to your people, even if you don’t have much room. Office cafés are a great way to reclaim unused spaces and reduce the overhead and labor costs that traditional dining can incur. Best of all, scalable micro cafés may also be designed to allow for future growth.


Flexible food

In a micro café, you can choose what to serve your people – barista coffee, hand-crafted sandwiches, hot breakfast, salads tossed to order, bowls, and more. Like we said, we’re all about flexibility and our designs can even allow for interchangeable concepts to keep things fresh and exciting!

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Pick up and go

It really can’t be any easier. Order and pay online, collect your meal up from a pickup locker and be on your way.

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Sustainable impact

Micro cafés reduce your carbon footprint with less energy consumption and fewer infrastructure requirements compared to a full-service onsite cafe.