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Phoenix Arizona InReach

Phoenix Arizona InReach

Micro Markets, Coffee Services, Vending Services & More

Workplaces in Arizona rely on InReach to fuel their team's productivity with modern refreshment programs that meet their team's evolving needs.

Time and again we hear people say:

  • We need to grow our staff and hire top talent. 
    InReach has the expertise to help you attract top talent by offering enticing workplace perks that can help you stand out against the competition.

  • Employee retention is a top priority right now.
    Did you know food is viewed as a key employee benefit that not only fuels productivity but also engagement? Employees that feel valued will be easier to retain.

  • We don't think our current program fits our teams' needs, or our budget, anymore. 
    Partner with InReach for a custom-built refreshment solution with quality food and beverage perfect for your team's scale and your organization's space, no matter the shape or size.

  • Vending machine food just isn’t fresh enough.
    For us, vending is more than packaged snacks and canned drinks. Our smart vending machines feature the best fresh sandwiches and salads, and the latest beverages and an easy-to-use contactless experience.

  • People don't use our breakroom.
    Some of the best collaboration occurs during impromptu gatherings like those that occur in the breakroom, we can freshen up your space and keep it well-stocked so they will want to drop in!

Keep your people, and keep them happy, with convenient workplace food and beverage services that easily scale to size and budget. Flexibility is InReach.

Arizona Micro Market

Micro Markets & Micro Cafés

Everything your people love – 24/7 availability, delicious and fresh food options – custom designed for your footprint. Micro markets offer the best of grab-and-go with ease and efficiency, while micro cafés offer hand-crafted sandwiches, hot breakfast, barista specialty coffee, salads tossed to order and a lot more. Either way you get the best of food and beverage options and get our expertise on Phoenix’s flavor preferences and seasonal menu offerings.

Phoenix Office Coffee

Office Coffee Services

Since 80% of coffee is consumed at work it’s critical you provide the best coffee experience for your people. Let’s be honest there’s nothing like hashing out an idea with someone over a cup of coffee, hot or cold – and we can create the perfect space for that interaction to occur. We’ve got the best roasts, for everyone’s taste, including national and local Phoenix favorites. And for those who prefer their cup brimming with tea, we’ve got that covered, too!

Gilbert Arizona Pantry Snacks

Breakroom and Pantry Supplies

Take a break Arizona! Give people a place to gather and interact with the choice pantry items they’re looking for, which will increase their feelings of connection and belonging to each other and your organization ... Our pantry services are customized to your team and footprint, allowing you to offer what they want, when they want it. And, we take the guesswork out of what and when to order with reporting that keeps you up to date on what you need.

Tempe Vending Machines

Vending Machines 

InReach vending machines are designed to give fresh and exciting food and beverage offerings packed in a secure retail display. And our smart vending machines offer the best in products with an innovative contactless interface – just swipe a payment card to open the door. The machine knows what you’ve chosen and charges you when the door closes. Because we know what people are munching on, and we know what’s flying off the shelves in Arizona, we are certain your employees and customers will always find what they’re looking for.

Scottsdale Water Services

Water Services

Staying hydrated is important for both good health and peak performance. Whether it’s a supposed “dry heat” or not, it still gets hot in Arizona and we all need water. InReach will create a water program to fit your specific needs. Our wide range of products and beverage services are designed to meet every preference, budget and sustainability initiative. Combining the latest equipment and water filtration technology ensures your water is the best of the best, and always tastes great.

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