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Baltimore Maryland InReach

Baltimore Maryland InReach

Micro Markets, Coffee Services, Vending Services & More

Workplaces in Maryland rely on InReach to fuel their team's productivity with modern refreshment programs that meet their team's evolving needs.

Keep your people, and keep them happy, with convenient workplace food and beverage services that easily scale to size and budget. Baltimore's InReach branch is your go-to spot for coffee, micro markets, vending, water and pantry services. 

Chicago Micro Market

Micro Markets & Micro Cafés

Want fresh and delicious food 24/7 in Maryland and beyond? Micro markets offer the best of grab-and-go with ease and efficiency, while micro cafés offer hand-crafted sandwiches, hot breakfast, barista specialty coffee, salads tossed to order and a whole lot more. Delicious and fresh food options, custom designed for whatever space you have, are all InReach (Old Bay seasoning optional)!

Baltimore Maryland Vending

Vending Machines 

Maryland’s students and employees are fueled by having the right snacks within reach 24/7. Our vending machines offer so much more than just your standard candy bars and plain potato chips. They are designed to give fresh and exciting food and beverage offerings packed in a robust contactless shopping experience. It’s exactly what your people are looking for!

Maryland Pantry Snacks

Breakroom and Pantry Supplies

For those back in the office or even those on a hybrid schedule, the break room is the hub for ideas and connection. Bring your people together with choice pantry items that are guaranteed conversation starters. Our pantry services are customized to your team and footprint, allowing you to offer what your people want, when they want it in Charm City, the Eastern Shore, the D.C. metro area and all areas of Maryland.

Baltimore Maryland Coffee

Office Coffee Services

What would campus life be without a little jolt of java? Or for those working 9-to-5, what would it be like without that afternoon pick-me-up? With 80% of coffee consumed outside of the home, having just the right coffee program is essential for people to function at their best and most caffeinated. At InReach, we know one size doesn’t fit all, and coffee is no exception to the rule. People want a coffee experience that feels custom-tailored to their tastes, with offerings from national brands to local favorites. And we’re more than just coffee — there’s tea and energy drinks, too!

Maryland Water Services

Water Services

Hydration is essential for good health and peak performance. InReach has a water program to fit your specific needs with our wide range of products and services designed to meet every preference, budget and sustainability initiative. Combining the latest equipment and water filtration technology ensures your water is the best of the best and always tastes great.

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