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Food & Drink Programs Customized for Transportation Spaces

Airports, train stations, and bus depots are filled with time-crunched people on the move, sometimes under stress and often hungry. They shouldn’t have to sacrifice healthy food and drinks while on the move. We can customize welcoming spaces and make healthy, tasty food available to shoppers and travelers any time of the day or night, all without increasing your labor. 

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We take simple vending solutions and add advanced tech to create smart vending machines with cashless payment options, giving people 24/7 access to freshly-prepared food and drinks without hiring additional staff. And that’s not all. Gone are the days when someone had to stop by each machine to see what needed to be replenished. We use metrics, real-time data, and telemetry to make sure our machines are always stocked with what people want.

Innovative Spaces InReach

Because transportation spaces can be tight, and it may be challenging to find room for a cafeteria or restaurant. Our micro markets can be customized to your current space and designed to allow for future growth. Shoppers and travelers can pick up freshly prepared food, made-to-order meals, and snacks and enjoy them in inviting, comfortable spaces—24/7. All with cashless payment options that let them grab their item and eat without rushing while you reduce costs, optimize your staff allocation, and unlock more opportunities to increase cash flow.

Wellness InReach

Busy travelers and shoppers often settle for less healthy options because that’s all there is. But it doesn’t have to be that way. You can offer healthy options without creating more work for your team. Our smart vending machines and micro markets provide fresh foods, the latest trends, and nourishing hydration choices, all with contactless payment. Everybody wins.

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