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Food & Drink Programs Tailored to Government & Defense Departments

An experienced provider of food and drink programs to government and defense entities, we understand what these agencies need to fuel their work. We excel in tailoring and scaling spaces that provide healthy, tasty food and imaginative specialty drinks to your people any time of the day or night.

Government & Defense Entities We Serve

Military Bases
Municipality & Utility
National, State and Local Offices

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With military bases and government agencies all over the US and throughout the world, food and drinks programs must please a variety of different tastes. That’s why we use advanced technology to find out what your people like and what new flavors will please them, from fantastic coffee that people may have never had before to favorites they’ve always loved.

Innovative Spaces InReach

Because work often happens at all hours of the day and night, we offer fresh and healthy food in easily accessible, comfortable spaces—24/7. From our inviting micro markets with easy access to freshly prepared food, made-to-order meals, and snacks to smart vending offering fresh sandwiches and salads—all with cashless payment options that let your people grab their stuff and go or relax and connect with colleagues.

Hydration InReach

Hydration is critical to good health and peak performance. Our specially designed hydration programs give your people a healthy alternative to sugary, carbonated drinks. It helps increase how much water they drink, which can improve their focus. When hydration matters most, chilled still, sparkling, and instant hot water from a single tap means that everyone gets what they want from the same convenient dispenser.

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