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Food & Drink Programs Tailored to Your Offices & Remote Sites

We know that it can be tough living and working in remote areas. And that offices have their own unique challenges. We use technology to gather real-time data that helps us design spaces that match your people’s needs and provide them with healthy, tasty bites, whether on land or sea.

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Customized Programs InReach

Our food and drinks programs are customizable, flexible, and scalable, so you can choose from micro markets that offer freshly made healthy food in comfortable spaces. Or innovative vending that provides fresh, healthy food, phone chargers, and over-the-counter medicine. All with contactless checkout and payment. Everything your people need is InReach.

Innovative Spaces InReach

Whether your people are offshore, at a remote site, or in offices, we provide delicious, healthy food and drink in comfortable spaces where they can relax and unwind. Or a well-stocked pantry where they can grab a snack to take with them. We build spaces that are more than just a place for snacks and their favorite brew; they are places where your people connect with a sense of inclusiveness and belonging.

Hydration InReach

Our unique hydration programs give your people a healthy alternative to sugary, carbonated drinks. It helps increase how much water they drink, which can improve their focus and increase their energy. Chilled still, sparkling, and instant hot water from a single tap is always available when hydration matters most.

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