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Micro Market picture


24/7 one-stop shopping, and a place people will love

It’s one-stop shopping in a place people will love. Fresh food to power through the day, favorite snacks and drinks, and lots of healthy choices - all onsite and available 24/7.

Because your people are the heart of everything you do.

These days, people expect more. We’ve evolved micro markets, so you can give everyone what they need – fresh food, coffee, healthy choices, snacks and beverages. And it’s all onsite, so they can stay focused and productive. Show your team how much you value them by creating the perfect destination for them.

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Flexible, agile, scalable

Not just buzzwords, but an actual reality! We work with you to understand your people – their food dreams and demographics. And we learn about your space, KPIs and a lot more. Whether you’re in an office, hospital, university, manufacturing or distribution center, it’s designed just for you. The result is a micro market that’s perfect for your people.


Everything but the kitchen sink

But we can include that too. You’ll always find a lot of variety in a micro market - healthy dishes, ones that support physical and mental performance, and others that just plain bring joy. We make sure every bite is absolutely incredible, with craveable food that people want to enjoy again and again.

Healthy Meal

Wellness InReach

We’re experts in creating healthy dishes that people love, as well as finding the best better-for-you snacks and drinks. And you don’t even have to ask us to offer them - they’re already built into every program and easy to find with Wellness InReach signage.

Micro Market

Quick & easy checkout

The checkout/payment process is built into the market. It’s always fast and super-simple, whether it’s through your phone, a kiosk, contactless scanning, or even our autonomous stores that feature “walk out” technology.

Attention to detail

Attention to detail

We’re on top of it all: robust technology to offer the best experience, space optimization, reducing your costs, sustainable practices, and of course helping you attract talent, keep them engaged and help them be more motivated and productive.